Accessibility at Cornerstone

We are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience. We are actively working towards achieving an accessible website that endeavours to conform to the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Accessibility is an ongoing commitment for us and we'll continue our efforts to ensure that our digital services are accessible to and usable by all members; we welcome feedback. If you have any accessibility comments or concerns, or if you would like to request any modifications, please let us know. 

As part of this commitment to enable all users to navigate and interact with our website content, we follow best practices for user accessibility, including: 

  • Simple adjustments to text size using browser controls
  • Text-based descriptions, title attributes that tell visually impaired members where a link will them them if they click on it
  • Structured headings that provide an overview of the site and allow for easy navigation
  • Specific colour selections to ensure readability
You can improve your online experience by customizing your computer's settings to meet your individual needs. For example, you can increase the size of all fonts or change the colour scheme.

We recommend you keep your browsers up-to-date. Newer browsers tend to provide more display options to make content accessible, and may work better with assistive technologies. 

Recommended Browsers
For optimal site functionality, improved performance and navigation, as well as safeguards against hackers and cyber attacks, we recommend using the latest supported browsers. Updating your browser to the latest version will ensure the best experience while using our services.

iOS - 13
Android - Android SDK Version 23 (Android 6 Marshmallow)

Windows and macOS

  • Apple Safari on iOS 
  • Google Chrome on Android  

Most browsers offer automatic software updates. Some browsers will automatically update themselves without any intervention, whereas other browsers are upgraded when you run updates on your devices.

Note: Beta versions and technical previews are not supported. In downloading the supported required browsers, you acknowledge the sites are third party sites and we are not accountable for any failures of product of services offered or advertised on those sites.

We welcome your feedback on accessibility. 

Improving your experience on our website is our priority. Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the site and we’ll do everything we can to address your concerns.

When it comes to meeting accessibility standards for our products and services, we’re always looking to improve. Whether we’re doing something you like, or if there’s something you think we can do better, we’d love to hear from you. 

Contact us if you have trouble using our website. 
If you experience difficulties in accessing any content or functionality on our website, please contact us. We are always open to making improvements to provide the best possible online experience for our users.

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